Kata-kata Unik Yang Diucapkan Hero Mobile Legends

Kamu pasti sering mendengar kata-kata yang diucapkan hero Mobile Legends ketika sedang bermain kan? Berhubung ngomongnya pakai bahasa inggris, banyak orang yang kurang paham apa maksud kata-kata tersebut.

Kata-kata yang diucapkan masing-masing hero Mobile Legends berbeda-beda. Hero akan ngomong ketika kita sedang memilih hero, hero bergerak hingga hero mati.

Kata-kata tersebut mempunyai arti yang unik, bijak dan kadang bikin kita ketawa.

Kata-kata Hero Mobile Legends

Berhubung aku baik hati, aku sudah mengumpulkan informasi tentang kata-kata yang diucapkan oleh Hero Mobile Legends.

Kata-kata Unik Yang Diucapkan Hero Mobile Legends

1. Alpha

Ketika memilih Hero :
  • Test, Alpha is Online.
Ketika bergerak :
  • Time to upgrade the system
  • Sometimes I thik about girls
  • Alpha is not my name, but only a code
  • We are not weapons, we are also human
  • Why must people, hurt each other?
  • May the force be with you
  • Wherever I go, Beta follows
Ketika Mati :
  • aaaaargh aaaaahh
2. Akai

Ketika Memilih Hero:
  • Lets go out and relax!
Ketika Bergerak:
  • Why i am a crying? Because an onions
  • Come on gimme some food
  • Why you need to do is believe, you have to believe it
  • I'm still very charming
  • There is no concidences in this world
  • I'm not fat, I'm just chubby
  • Lets Roll!
Ketika Mati:
  • Yesterday has become the past, the future is not yet known
3. Alucard

Ketika Memilih Hero:
  • Nothing last forever, we can change the future
Ketika Bergerak:
  • Hey, Not bad
  • Everything will come to and end
  • Enjoy your last meal
  • Let me show you the art of killing
  • Killing is always better than giving mercy
  • I will never be your friends
  • I smelled the stink of monsters!
Ketika Mati:
  • I'll be back!
4. Alice

Ketika Memilih Hero:
  • Huumm, huum watch your back!
Ketika Bergerak:
  • Do you know someone named Jack?
  • The darkness can also be a friend
  • Turn everything to darkness
  • Where there is light, there is shadow
Ketika Mati:
  • -
5. Argus

Ketika Memilih Hero:
  • All shall perish by my sword
Ketika Bergerak:
  • Power means eternity
  • Become one with the sword
  • Immortality or death
  • Let my sword hear your last words
  • Justice is the last refuge of the weakness
  • Fight the enemies
Ketika Mati:
  • Immortality
6. Angela

Ketika Memilih Hero:
  • Love and hope are two greatest inventions
Ketika Bergerak:
  • Keep on smilling, its important
  • Haha, the string of my puppet have tangled up, can you help me with that?
  • Stay cheerful everyday
  • Stay in a good mood, everyday
  • I can do all chores, excet cooking
  • Doctor call me his little angels, But I can't fly
  • It's my job to help people
Ketika Mati:
  • -
7. Aurora

Ketika Memilih Hero:
  • Listen to the sound of snowing
Ketika Bergerak:
  • Small and bright, clear and white
  • Follow your heart
  • Want some ice?
  • Come with the wind
  • freeze!
Ketika Mati:
  • The ice, melts away!
8. Balmond

Ketika Memilih Hero:
  • Whats your name boy?
Ketika Bergerak:
  • Stop making the foolish request
  • The hellfire will burn to your ashes
  • Ignorant humans
  • Taste to my axe
  • Anothe reckless fool
Ketika Mati:
  • Impossible
9. Bane

Ketika Memilih Hero
  • Target locked
Ketika Bergerak:
  • Dodging is no use
  • Don't be in a rush to die, kids!
  • This is how you wanna get shot?
Ketika Mati:
  • -
10 Bruno

Ketika Memilih Hero:
  • Wait for it!
Ketika Bergerak:
  • Oh, Sorry!
  • Wooho, you feel that?
  • Hey, very nice kick, give me the ball
  • I'm on top of the world
Ketika Mati:
  • -

Oke, sementara 10 Hero dulu ya Coy, untuk hero yang lain segera menyusul.


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